The move is over. Hurrah! No more worries over the unpacked things or forgotten items. No more deadlines to meet or movers to hire. Still, you get a house full of unpacked boxes, unplugged appliances, etc. What do you do now? How to you handle all this with no stress? This checklist would help you get things back to order:

1.Sort the boxes

If you have properly labeled your boxes, you would know where things in them belong. Start by carrying the right boxes to the right room. Do not load them all up in your living room. You can easily get depressed looking at the size of this huge pile of things created after the relocation. 

Once you sort them out, the task of unpacking becomes more doable and less depressing! You can go room by room and “eat an elephant cutting it piece by piece”, so to say. 

2.Turn on the utilities 

Make sure all bills are paid by the former owners of the house. Call your utility companies and make sure everything works properly. It is a key thing to do and you should handle it before anything else. 

3.Plug in the appliances

First, check them up. Did they survive the move? This is a very important thing to do, especially with the gas stove or a dish washer. You do not want to risk having a fire or flooding your new house using damage equipment. 

Now, once you are sure everything is just fine, plug them in. Call someone who offers professional services to insure your safety and proper work of your appliances. Now you can start washing things that need it and create some comfort for yourself and your family. 

4.Organize your moving papers 

Keep all the receipts and other documents from the moving company. In case something got broken or missing, you can get back to them and discuss the damage. 

5.Check up all the boxes

Especially those with the breakable things. Make sure all your dishes and other things have survived the move and you can with a sincere heart leave a great feedback on the moving firm.

Once these 5 things on your after move checklist are done, you can relax and celebrate your relocation. Of course, you have so much more work to be done, but it can wait a little while.

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